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After-sale service

? Supply continuous?high efficient?shortcut service to users, to establish a knight service band.
? Establish a perfect service network, t o supply professional?standardization?diversification service.
? Customer-oriented, evaluate all the work at the standard of customer’s satisfaction.

Service mode: 

We guarantee our products are all brand-new
?high quality and can complete prearranged function wanted by customer. The technical specification completely meets the stipulated standard.
? We supply one-year replacement?three-year repairs and whole-life maintenance, implementing at the use of equipment.
? To help users solve troubles, we fulfill all the business guaranteed and deal with the problems free of charge.
? We support technical guide to solve malfunction or substitute components, for the responsibility not taken by us. 
? We have after service for 24 hours, promises to supply technical support anytime you call. 
? Deal with the malfunction according to three levels. 
? Malfunction not about hardware can be guide solved through telephone. 

Product Service System:

?Design solution: Supply application solution according to users’actual condition and real needs.
?Technical course: Make technical communication about the products and design solution, supply more choices to the users.
?Product test: Test the technical specification locally according to customers’ demand.
?Engineering construction: Debug the equipment according to the contract and establish customer’s record.
?Technical supervising: Supply technical guide to the users who owns engineering construction ability.
?Product Training: Supply training about basic knowledge of communications?product construction and daily maintenance.
?Maintenance: Solve problems or supply solution in48 hours after receiving customers’ feedback.
?Collect feedback: Collect customers’ feedback by kinds of channels, and sort I, help to improve the products to satisfy customers’ needs. 

Contacts :
Technology Support :
Eng. Jack

After-sale service :
Tel: +86-755-26093059
Fax: +86-755-86192615

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